Gaia Eco & Loto Art (Professional image output company), in 2019 jointly launched a new high-end environmental technology decorative painting.

Loto uses the international advanced special printing equipment SwissQprint for image printing, and we use a 9mm diatomaceous earth plate, which has the effect of removing aldehyde, odor, and moisture, antibacterial and fireproof.

The frame is made of an L-type environmentally friendly resin frame.

Lightweight and breathable, the decorative paintings are functional, allowing art and environmental protection to enter thousands of households!

diatomite fresco 1
  • Use two-stage diatomaceous earth, no gelatinous addition, to retain the original void of diatomite to the greatest extent
  • Imported extra long plant fiber to enhance the strength of the board
  • Autoclaved polymerization after molding to form a unique functional product
diatomite fresco 2
  1. British environmental ink, in line with European UL GREENGUARD GOLD environmental certification.
  2. 9mm diatomaceous earth substrate, passed the national environmental quality inspection.
  3. The diatomaceous earth is suspended in a light environmentally friendly resin box, which is transparent before and after, which is good for breathing.

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Our Printing Equipment

Switzerland SwissQprint Special Printer


Our SwissQprint comes with 9 color configurations, consisting of C, M, Y, K, W, LK, G, B, and LO.

All UV curing does not contain VOC, wide color gamut and extraordinary color.

Performance can meet the stringent requirements of various pictures! In the high-precision mode, the 1pt text is still clearly visible.

It is called the world’s most accurate flat-panel special printer. The photos produced by the UV fine-spray process are rich in color, wear-resistant, UV-resistant, and in production mode.

It can print 206 square meters per hour, achieving the perfect combination of quality and efficiency!

UL greenguard gold

Art Diatomaceous Earth Decorative Paintings

Now a More Fashionable Form of Environmental Protection Decoration

diatomite fresco frame 1

Simple / Environmentally Friendly/ Stylish Framework

  • Color can be multi-selected (white, gray, teak, coffee, black).
  • Made from renewable PS foam.
  • Non-traditional wooden frame pattern and color comparable.
  • Lightweight and easy to carry transport.

Well-designed Suspension System Makes Hang Paintings No Longer Difficult

Your Diatomite Fresco can easily be hung on the wall with the unique suspension system of LOTO ART. We put the metal pendant in a fixed position, you can easily level the picture, even if you don’t have the help of the level.

  • Infinite gear level adjustment system.
  • All you need is 2 nails, screws or hooks.
  • It’s easy to hang your work.
diatomite fresco frame 2
Product Parameter
Product Name Diatomite Fresco (Conventional)
Size 600*400*9 mm/800*600*9mm
Color White + Print
Net Weight(1 pcs) 2.3 kg/3.7kg
Qty of Package 3pcs
Packaging Bubble bag + Inner Box + Carton
MOQ 500pcs

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