Natural and Environmentally Friendly Material

High-Quality Diatomaceous Earth From Changbai Mountain

Changbai Mountain in China

Changbai Mountain is a rare gene pool in the world

Breeding the world’s largest reserves of high-quality diatomite veins

Rich in a variety of beneficial minerals

Ability to achieve strong water absorption and rapid air drying

The raw material of the diatomite bath mat is derived from this

Strong Water Absorption Not Easy to Accumulate Water

Up to 90% porosity surface

The diatom remains have numerous tiny pores on the surface of the microscope.
Up to 90% porosity surface absorbs excess moisture quickly
Providing conditions for super absorbentness of the floor mat
Can absorb water 2-4 times its own weight


Porosity Rate       Water Absorption Rate

Super absorption

Stepping on moment                         After 1 minute                        After 5 minutes                        After 10 minutes                        After 15 minutes

Mold Proof Dehumidification and Antibacterial

Effectively adsorbs odors such as formaldehyde

Molecular sieve structure of diatomaceous earth
Surface area is 5000-6000 times that of activated carbon
Make it physically absorbing and particle exchange
Can remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia in the air
Converted into harmless substances by absorption decomposition
Thus functioning as a net taste

Diatomaceous Earth Powder 

Diatomite Structure Under the Microscope