How it is made?

Diatomite Handmade Product Description


Handmade crafts

It is an art and craft with a unique artistic style that is made by hand labor. It is different from the arts and crafts of mass production of standardized daily-use handicrafts in a mechanized way by large industries.

Handmade diatomite products are those that are made by hand by the operator. Mechanical tools may be used during this period, but the direct manual work of the operator remains the most important source of the finished product.


Handmade diatomite products are mainly made of natural materials diatomaceous earth and clay and are able to be made in unlimited quantities. It is practical, beautiful, artistic, decorative, and functional.

  • Practicality: through diatomite product, clay as the main raw material of the paste or prefabricated embryo, with different mold shapes as the basis for shaping, shaping different shapes of various products; such as diatomite toothbrush holder, diatomite coaster, diatomite chopsticks tube and so on kitchen and bathroom products.
  • Easy shaping: the main skill of handmade diatomite products is time control, the production staff mix the material through stirring, Sheng, drenching, pushing, hanging, and other means, together with the auxiliary small scraper, quickly complete a diatomite product shaping, after a few minutes of condensation, a product is completed.
  • Aesthetics: diatomite products present colorful colors through the assistance of inorganic color powder to meet the needs of different color lovers.
  • “Live” is another characteristic of handmade diatomite products: they can be matched with other materials, such as bamboo, metal, wood, plastic, etc. Once held in the hands, the whole product is “alive” and more vibrant.

Handmade Product Process Chart