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A one-size-fits-all solution may not seem possible in diatomaceous earth pad production, but there are enough custom OEM/ODM/wholesale options available in GAIA ECO. GAIA ECO now offers the production of many different types of diatomaceous earth stone mats to suit your commercial needs.

What is its material?

  • Natural and Environmentally Friendly Material
  • High-Quality Diatomaceous Earth From Changbai Mountain

  • Changbai Mountain is a rare gene pool in the world.
  • Breeding the world’s largest reserves of high-quality diatomite veins.
  • Rich in a variety of beneficial minerals.
  • Ability to achieve strong water absorption and rapid air drying.
  • The raw material of the diatomite bath mat is derived from this.

Strong Water Absorption Not Easy to Accumulate Water

Up to 90% porosity surface

The diatom remains have numerous tiny pores on the surface of the microscope.
Up to 90% porosity surface absorbs excess moisture quickly
Providing conditions for super absorbentness of the floor mat
Can absorb water 2-4 times its own weight


Porosity Rate       Water Absorption Rate

Super absorption

Mold-proof dehumidification and Antibacterial
Effectively adsorbs odors such as formaldehyde

Molecular sieve structure of diatomaceous earth
Surface area is 5000-6000 times that of activated carbon
Make it physically absorbing and particle exchange
Can remove harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, and ammonia in the air
Converted into harmless substances by absorption decomposition
Thus functioning as a net taste

Diatomaceous earth powder

Diatomaceous Earth Powder

Diatomite structure under the microscope

Diatomite Structure Under the Microscope

How it is made?

Raw Material

We must control strictly to the Diatomite’s quality at the very beginning.

The idea of ​​producing quality Diatomite Mat is far-fetched when quality is not keenly observed and strictly implemented at the very beginning.

How well a product turns out structurally and functionally at the end all depends on the quality of its starting materials.

We use diatomaceous earth, produced in Changbai Mountain, China.

Above all, we can carry out strict inspection of raw materials with tips defined test parameters and acceptance criteria.

Raw Material Warehouse 1

Diatomite Mat Production Line

Production process: And we make the initial plate use of the slurry method.

After forging at 5000 tons, it enters a high temperature of 200 ° C and is dried in an autoclave under 10 standard atmospheric conditions.

It is never to add any additives throughout the production process, in order to maintain the natural ecology.

Diatomaceous Pad Polishing & Drying Line

We should heat the plate in the drying line for 30 minutes, after the first procedure.

Since the water content of the newly prepared diatomaceous earth plate is high, in order to avoid the bad effect of the customer, the plate is first dried and removed.

The dried board makes the water absorption effect more significant, and the water content in the board reaches 20% ~ 30%.

Then, we sanded the two sides of the plate and made it be smoothed also has a specific texture so that it will have the best adsorption.

Diatomaceous Earth Plate Finished Product Warehouse 5

Diatomaceous Earth Plate Finished Product Warehouse

At this stage, after the diatomite sheet is produced, the inspector verifies the quality by visual inspection,

and the diatomaceous earth plate is subjected to additional dimensional testing by a ruler,

and then the moisture content is measured by a moisture meter.

Finally, All the in-process test results obtained are verified by the head of the inspection team leader.

Production and Processing

This is a crucial process that guarantees the stable performance of our diatomite mat.

Our skilled cutting experts have an eye for detail and ensure all diatomite mats are processed to standard dimensions for perfect appearance and functions.

We need to design the program, assure a precise cutting with the relative error of determination being ±1-2mm.

All the incisions remain even.

Dust Removal & Sanding and Packing

Finally, the finished product needs to be dusted and sanded, but manual dust and sanding need to be manually removed.

Therefore, the products that stand out from these finished products are perfect and make customers very satisfied.

Then, after inspection by the inspection team, enter the packaging area, and pack and ship according to the requirements of different customers.

Diatomite Mats Manufacturers in China: A Complete Guide4

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