Diatomite mats made from diatomaceous earth have recently become more popular. But many people still don’t understand how it was made.

Below we will introduce its production flowing:


The Production Process of Diatomite Board

First step: Put the diatomaceous earth, quartz sand, and plant fiber into the filling barrel respectively and stir.


Second step: Using the flow slurry method, it is made of about 20 layers of materials superimposed, after 5000 tons of forging.


Third step: Cut into a rectangular shape of 1.22×2.44m.


Fourth step: Put it into an autoclave at a high temperature of 200 degrees and 10 standard atmospheres, and bake for 48 hours.


Fifth step: Bake in the drying line for 30 minutes.


Sixth step: Use a sand machine on the front and back of the board to make it clean and textured. The number of meshes for sanding is 80 meshes on the front and 80 meshes on the reverse.


Seventh step: The finished product at this time is produced.

Length and width: 2.44×1.22m

Thickness: about 9mm (Tolerance ±0.5mm)

Weight: about 38kg


The Production Process of Finished Diatomite Mat

First step: Cut

The Board is fixed by the air density, which is convenient for cutting. Automatic cutting by computer setting program. It can be cut into the required size according to customer needs.

The size of the cutting machine can be fine-tuned, for example, the size of 600×390mm can cut 12 pieces (4 rows and 3 columns), and the cutting distance: 3~4mm.

Cutting standard: All four sides need to be smooth,

Cutting process: through high-speed rotation (the screwdriver rotates thousands of times per minute)

The front and back sides of the newly cut diatomite board are very rough, and need to be polished and sanded to make it smooth and beautiful.

Problems with cutting:

A: Sawtooth shape (due to the dry humidity of the large board will cause this, but it will not affect the use)

The conventional sizes of the foot mats are as follows:

800×500×9 mm
600×390×9 mm
550×400×9 mm
450×350×9 mm
400×300×9 mm



Second step: Engraving (Customized according to customer requirements)

The regular size 600×390mm bath mat, the three-head cutting machine can cut 1200 pieces in 8 hours.

The quotation is calculated based on the length of the path.


Third step: Polished

The periphery of the diatomite mat can be smoothed by manual polishing.

Then use an air gun to blow off the dust on the surface. (However, due to mass production, there is still a little dust on the surface when it leaves the factory. Wipe it dry with a damp cloth when it is used for the first time, and it will not affect the use.)


Fourth step: Printing (Customized according to customer requirements)

Use a UV laser printer for printing, the pattern can be customized, about 48 pieces of printing an hour. The quotation is calculated according to the area.


Fifth step: Test

There are three inspections in total, waiting for the first inspection, waiting for the second inspection, and waiting for the third inspection (manual).

Check according to customer requirements.


Seventh step: Package (Customized according to customer requirements)

Our standard packaging:

  1. Bubble bag + inner box + color box + outer box
  2. Bubble column + color box + outer box
  3. Foam box + color box + outer box
  4. Pearl cotton + color box + outer box