There are many customers who do not know what a diatomaceous earth mat is, what are its advantages and disadvantages? And what you need to pay attention to when purchasing it.

This post, which we will expand for you in the following areas, is something I recommend that you read if you are officially starting to buy or officially starting to cooperate with a diatomite mat supplier before:

1. What is the diatomaceous earth?

Definition: Diatomaceous earth is a healthy and environmentally friendly natural material.  It is a biochemical sedimentary rock; deposited from the cell wall of diatom; light yellow or light gray, soft and light texture, easily ground into powder; low density, porous, and extremely absorbent.

  • Is it a natural material?

We extract the diatomite ore from the Changbai mountain It has the world’s largest reserves of high-quality diatomite mine, just like natural created.


  • How many colors about the diatomite mat?

The raw material is white, but we add the Inorganic pigments after-treatment cause that we can provide five different colors of products such as PINK, GREEN, GREY, WHITE, BLUE, for your customization.

  • To learn more about raw materials:

Please review this article:

  • More detailed explanation:

I  think Wikipedia can show a better explanation here in below:

2. What is the diatomite bath mat?

The diatomite bath mat is made from natural diatomaceous earth. Using the integrates modern advanced technology, and manufacture is green ecological household products.

  • What does the feeling touch?

It is hard, like stone. Different from the traditional textile mat.


  • How does it work?

It is a fragile product, must be placed on relatively flat ground to use. If the ground is not flat, it is easy to be broken. The weight limit is about 90 kg.

Please see the video of the drop test below:

3. What is a diatomite mat made of?

The main raw materials of the product are diatomaceous earth, quartz sand, plant fiber (pulp)

  1. Diatomaceous earth is an inorganic material with well-developed pores, and the mat absorbs water mainly by its pores. That is water absorption.
  2. Plant fiber, organic material, is mainly playing a connecting bonding role to increase the toughness of the product.
  3. Quartz sand, an inorganic material, is mainly used to give strength to the product.

All three ingredients are essential to the product. And the ratio between this raw material is arrived at only after repeated trials.

4. How to make the diatomite bath mat?

Production Processes:

5. How many ways to call the mat usually?

  • Diatomite bath mat
  • Diatomaceous earth bath mat
  • Diatomite absorbent bath mat
  • Quick-dry diatomite bath mat
  • Diatomite stone bath mat
  • Diatomaceous earth stone bath mat
  • Quick dry antibacterial diatomite bath mat

6. What kinds of colors does it come in?

  • Regular color: Ping, Green, Grey, White, Blue

Regular color

  • Can customize the color?

Because of the special nature of the production process. So at present, we cannot customize the color.

7. Which kinds of sizes can it be made in?

      a) Regular size

  • 800×500×9 mm / 600×390×9 mm / 550×400×9 mm / 450×350×9 mm / 385×290×9 mm / 300×200×9 mm


     b) Can customize the size?

Original finished sheet size: 1200×2400×9mm, Custom sizes are available within this range.

     c) Can you customize the pattern?

  • Printing

We can print all kinds of patterns, such as marbling, wood grain, cartoon, figures, etc., need to provide the design draft.


  • Carving

It can be engraved into various shapes, need to provide the design draft. But a simple shape is required, and the width of the line is required to be the same.


  • Printing + Carving

We can do also printing on the surface of the mat and then carving your logo and some design else.  


8. Does it really absorb water?

a) Water absorption speed

The foot will absorb water at the moment of stepping on it, and the surface will dry immediately, but the watermark will disappear within 15~30 minutes.

b) Why is the diatomite mat absorbing get weakened?

From the composition of raw materials, the main raw materials of the product are inorganic materials that can use a long time, but from using time goes by, it will cause a decline in water absorption capacity.


  1. Long time use, moisture can not be evaporated fully and moisture absorption gets unbalanced,  so that the accumulation of too much water in the mat, affecting water absorption.
  2. Human sebum and dander block the pores of diatomaceous earth, which affects the water absorption effect.

c)  Will bacteria or mold breeding after use?

  • Causes of breeding bacteria 
  • Normally, It is not moldy easily.
  1. All of the raw materials are inorganic and have no nutrients for bacteria.
  2. Diatomite is weakly alkaline, and an alkaline environment is not suitable for the formation and growth of bacteria.
  • Sometimes you see mildew spots, mainly on used MATS.

There are three reasons:

  1. After use, the body sebum is attached to the surface of the board. Causes mold to form on skin tissue. It looks like a moldy board.
  2. After the water, the organic matter in the water is attached to moldy.
  3. Another organic matter is attached to the surface of the plate to form mold mildew. ​

9. How to clean a diatomite mat?

All diatomaceous earth mats, after a few months of use, will lose their absorbency. Therefore, they need to be cleaned and maintained regularly.

  1. Replace the new bath mats
  2. Thoroughly clean the front and back of the bath mat with a brush, and put it in the sun and ventilation to fully dry, so that the internal moisture of the bath mat is fully evaporated.
  3. You can also use the manufacturer’s configuration of 80-100 mesh sandpaper, sanding the surface of the bath mat, deep surface dirt, to enhance the effect of water absorption. ​
  • It is important to note:
  1. Do not rinse with water for a long time (not more than 1~2 minutes)
  2. Do not put in a particularly humid environment.
  3. In the process of cleaning, avoid using detergents or soap, and other cleaning products.

10. How long does the diatomite mat use?

The main raw material of the product is inorganic, theoretically, there is no life limit, but after using it for a period of time, animal sebum and dander will cause blockage to the pores of diatomaceous earth and affect water absorption. So the product life is recommended to be replaced in 6 months – 1 year.

11. Where can it be used?

The diatomite products can be widely applied to the following places: family (living room, bedroom, study room, baby room) Villa, Hospitals, clubs, theme clubs, office buildings, hotels, restaurants, and other places.

  • Bath mat serial products

Diatomite bath mat within the extremely strong moisture absorption. It is placed in the bathroom outside the bathtub (can not be placed in the bathtub, or long-term water places), out of the bath can be stepped on with the feet, the soles of the feet immediately become dry, without bending over with a bath towel to wipe the soles of the feet. Compare with the traditional mat, it is quickly dry, and easy cleaning.


  • Soap dish serial products

Can be used as a soap holder: The Soap dish has lots of advantages such as water-absorbing, quick-dry, damp proof, inhibiting the growth of bacteria, and being convenient in cleaning. All of the soap dishes adopt hyper-green diatomite to produce. successively the products get much more international quality certification. It is your best choice for living .except that, it can be used as a drying block to absorb moisture and remove bad smells.

Soap dish

  • Coaster serial products

Diatomite coasters have not contained toxic themselves, within a better humidity control function, these merits make it become to natural Diatomite coaster material. Regarding to the household articles, The masses focus on: comfortable and practical, economic and environmental protection also good quality. Besides that, the diatomite coasters have a good heat-insulating property and are better to protect the surface of the table.


  • Diatomite placemat

Can put chopsticks, spoons, plates, absorb excess moisture and keep the countertop dry.


  • Diatomite Mural

The diatomite mural can absorb moisture and bad smell in your rooms. Also, inhibit to breed bacteria. It really has a comfortable feel and best choice for living. The diatomite mural has a variety of patterns and colors to choose, also custom-made products.


  • Diatomite flower pot mat

Can be placed in a variety of flower pots to absorb the watering overflow of water, reducing the trouble of overflowing water everywhere.

  • It can be used wherever you can think of

Wherever it is related to water, it is very powerful.

12. Are diatomite mats safe?

  • Fireproof: It is A1-grade fireproof material and will not burn.
  • Anti-slip: The brushed texture on the bottom can play a non-slip role.

13. What is its HS code?

  • China Export HS code: 6811820000