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GAIA ECO is a factory providing diatomite mat OEM service for the past 5 years. Our perfect diatomite products cover diatomite bath mat, diatomite mold products and diatomite fresco.

Our customized service allows us to manufacture DIATOMITE MAT to your specific specifications and combine design to optimize your product.

GAIA ECO supports you in developing home products to make sure they are right for you.

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Products We Make For Business

Diatomite bath mat 2

Diatomite Bath Mat

Diatomite Toothbrush Holder 8

Diatomite Mold Products

diatomite fresco

Diatomite Fresco

Qualified Diatomite Mat

From A Reliable Manufacturer

Diatomaceous earth powder

Owning a whole set of in-house equipment, we conduct a range of tests including strength tests, the fire tests, flex tests, formaldehyde tests. SGS Reach & RoHS test, to ensure the safety & durability of our mat.

Trustworthy Quality

Diatomite absorbent mat from Gaia is made with high-quality diatomaceous earth from Changbai Mountain, Quartz sand, Australian softwood pulp for the most environmental performance.

strength tests 1

Higher quality diatomite mats we made helps your brand to optimize brand value and customer loyalty.

Our Clients

We offer cost-effective diatomite home products to many of the world’s top brands and some amazing small businesses. Our team is ready to plan, design, manufacture and deliver your orders worldwide.