Diatomite bath mats have gained popularity in recent years as a natural and eco-friendly alternative to traditional bath mats. But many buyers still don’t know what special properties it has, whether it is an environmentally friendly product, and whether it really absorbs water.

So what are diatomite bath mats?

Diatomite bath mat is a highly absorbent, non-slip mat made from diatomaceous earth. It holds exceptional absorbency to quickly evaporate water from the surface. It is both antimicrobial and eco-friendly keeping your bathroom clean and dry.

We are the most professional manufacturer of this bath mat. We will explain this article to you from the following aspects. We suggest that if you want to officially start to understand this product, you should read this article.

1. What are its raw materials?

There are four main raw materials: diatomaceous earth, quartz sand, plant fiber, and cement.

  • Diatomaceous earth is comprised of billions of fossilized sediments that accumulate in the sediment of rivers, lakes, and oceans. These diatoms have a porous structure, with a porosity of up to 90%, 5,000 to 6,000 times more than charcoal. That enables this natural mineral to be exceptional in its water absorption, quick drying, antibacterial and mildew proof, and fire retardant while still being breathable and gentle on the skin. This unique material characteristic forms the basis for the functionality of diatomite bath mats.
  • Quartz sand is used to increase the strength of the bath mat.
  • Plant fiber is to maintain the toughness of the diatomite bath mat
  • Cement is a connecting role, similar to a binder.
Material Name Function Remark
Diatomaceous earth
  • More porosity
  • Lower concentration
  • Large specific surface area
  • Relative incompressibility
  • Chemical stability
  • Strong adsorption capacity
  • Absorb water
  • Gases also have good adsorption properties
Food-grade diatomaceous earth from Changbai Mountain
Quartz sand Increase the strength The main component is SiO2
Plant fiber Toughness Australian pulp has the characteristics of long fiber.
Cement Connecting role

2. What characteristics does it have?

  • Natural and Environmentally Friendly: Diatomite is a natural material, free from harmful chemicals, making it a safe and eco-friendly choice for your bathroom.
  • Antibacterial and Anti-Odor Properties: The moisture-wicking nature of diatomite helps inhibit the growth of bacteria and prevent unpleasant odors, promoting cleanliness and hygiene.
  • Quick Drying: Diatomite’s excellent absorption ability allows it to dry quickly and can absorb water off your feet within seconds immediately after you step out of the shower or bathtub. Reducing the risk of slipping and ensuring a clean and fresh bath mat.
  • Fire Retardant Properties: The raw materials are inorganic materials, so they will not burn and will not produce any toxic gases due to fire. When the temperature reaches 1300°C, the diatom cells will collapse but will not burn or smoke.
  • Easy Maintenance: Diatomite bath mats are easy to clean and require minimal maintenance. Regular rinsing and occasional gentle scrubbing will keep them in good condition.

3. How does a diatomite mat work?

a) The water absorption principle: The main material of diatomaceous earth bath mats is diatomite, which is a natural mineral material formed by the accumulation of ancient diatom fossils. It has a very unique micro-pore structure, which can be seen under a microscope. These pores are uneven in size, but they are all very small and can form a very fine layer of granular material on the surface.

It can absorb moisture in the air, and when the humidity is greater than a certain level, diatomaceous earth can absorb a large amount of moisture. This is because the fine pore structure of diatomite has a very strong adsorption capacity, able to absorb moisture and lock it in the pores.

Therefore, diatomite bath mats can have a very good water absorption effect.

b) The diatomite bath mats just produced in the factory have a high water content, so we need to be dried first to remove excess moisture in the bath mats. The general drying time is 24 hours. Make the moisture content reach 20%~30% to make the water absorption effect more significant.

4. Is it an environmentally friendly product?

The raw materials are inorganic materials and do not contain any toxic substances.

Can check our SGS test report.

5. Does it really absorb water?

Through the previous detailed description, you should be able to have a general understanding of this product. So whether it really absorbs water, let us use a video to explain. I believe seeing is believing.

Final summary: Diatomite bath mats offer a practical and eco-friendly solution for maintaining a clean and dry bathroom environment. With their excellent moisture absorption, antibacterial properties, and easy maintenance, they have proven to be effective and popular among individuals seeking an alternative to traditional bath mats.